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Grief Coaching

"Support to heal"

Learn to live with grief through life coachingThe largest component of the life cycle is to learn about death and dying issues. Death is not something to fear but to be educated about.

Living with Grief

  • Refraining from working on your grief delays the healing process.
  • Each death we encounter brings back previous deaths.
  • Learning how to heal is vital to living a rich, fulfilled and rewarding life.
  • Coaching works at the rate you decide. Grief is never rushed.
  • Grief coaching can be done by phone and in the comfort of your own surroundings.
  • Grief bottled up simply reappears in some way.
  • When in pain, learn not to fight it.
  • Grief causes vulnerability especially after a traumatic, sudden death.
  • Emotional wounds need time and help to heal.
  • Cry, cry and cry some more. Release those tears of toxins to begin to feel better.
  • Learn that you are able to bend and you will not break.
  • Know you can heal and that is a choice "you" make.
  • Know that the reality of grief is terribly lonely and takes work to heal.
  • Learn the language of feelings to teach others how to treat you.
  • There are no rules about the length of time you will take to heal.
  • Grievers need to talk and talk to come to grips with what has happened

Whether asked to be a part of someone’s life experience or to help the bereaved through the walk of grief, it is an honor to be involved in any part of someone’s life.

Understanding Grief Cycles

Grief Cycles Blog... Learn how to understand grief cycles and heal over time. If you are looking for answers about grief and dealing with death don't do anything before you check this blog that helps people cope with grief and loss and find happiness again.

Naples Suicide Support Group

 S A S: Surviving After A Suicide Loss

SAS is Naples oldest, continuous running weekly support group of 23 years.  We are a peer led group of individuals who know the agony and anguish of having experienced a most traumatic death, due to this dreaded disease. We gather to help people cope with the death of a loved one who has died of suicide.

Each week survivors come to share the pain and gains they experience in their lives. We help our members make sense out of something so senseless.

We hope you will call to learn more about our group sessions, please contact Bob Riley @ 239-253-6600. We do know how you feel, and welcome the opportunity to meet and support you in your time of need. We are sorry for your loss and we await the chance to meet you.

If grief coaching is a need you have, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you at your convenience about this. Contact Life Coach Bob Riley. Know my heart rides with you on this path.